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Finance, Human Resources, Management, Other, Retail
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High‐performing, strategic‐thinking professional with vast experience in all areas of retail. Adept at assessing needs, generating options and implementing solutions in collaboration with senior stakeholders. Experienced at managing projects from the requirements gathering/needs identification phase through to completion. Excel in facilitating business solutions through data analysis. KPI driven, trade focused with strong understanding of market trends.
Renoir Consulting Implementation Services
Operations Improvement & Transformation: Project Manager
Cebu, Philippines
June 2019- Present
Based in the Philippines, I am leading improvements and supporting in business transformation within a well-established retail company,
delivering strategic business transformations at pace, improving business performance and conveyed significant cost savings through three workstreams: Sourcing, buying, replenishment and payment; Receiving, distribution and inventory management and Store Operations.
 Consolidated product range leading to improved buying power, improved customer propositions and increased market competitiveness. Reviewed Service Level Agreements and negotiated improved payment terms.
 Generated a $5m one-time cash injection through identifying slow- moving stocks and delivering an action plan for sell through.
 Increased miscellaneous income 21% through redesigning and implementing systems for the collection of cash rebates and increasing the return-to-vendor process robustness.
 Delivered a successful company-wide stock counting process; This enabled the client to correct revenue tax liabilities.

Head of Trade Strategy
Head Office (Welwyn Garden City)
September 2016- June 2019
This position involved the planning, implementation and reviewing of in-store promotional ‘events’. Leading a team of twenty and with two direct reports, the aim was to deliver the best in-store customer propositions whilst following the corporate strategy.
 Strategy development and execution within retail functions. Utilising high-level data to create pricing and promotional strategies. Created strong networks within the buying, category management, Space Range Display, logistics and event management teams to lead and inspire colleagues to become one of the strongest performing aspects of the business; Business Strategy planned to maximize sales and reduce sales risks; Opportunities seized leading to event sales increasing 6% year-on-year through analysis of historical records, massively outperforming the core business growth through excellent trading tactics.
 Supported the strategic direction of the business- Responsible for consolidated trade planning processes; Created, developed and implemented a new operating model to improve future activities, resulting in the delivery of a complex Trade Strategy Operation feeding into the three- and five-year business plans.
 Evaluated business problems and offered sustainable solutions; Substantial cost savings through automated report generation.
 Implemented initiatives through collaboration with other senior management and the board to design a sustainable operating model; Re-designed ‘Events Calendar’ with a 25% reduction of events leading to simplified execution and improved buying propositions for the company and customers.
 Analysed quantitative data to identify trends and strategies, enabling business growth through the development of commercially astute plans; utilising various insights to cater for consumer demands through forecasting volume and sales targets, identifying consumer trends and analysing sales data to make subsequent future decisions.
 Accountable for key metrics including forecasts, sales and profitability; Working with key business partners to develop, maintain, coordinate, monitor, report and manage the change process across the business and ensure effective planning and execution of the trade strategy.
 Developed and maintained quarterly and yearly budgets and tracked expenditure; Determined when and where best to deploy marketing strategies. Accountable for £8m marketing budget, £650k staffing cost and £600m trade operation.

Non- Food Implementation Excellence Coach
Field Based, Northern England
March 2015-September 2016
Following on from a successful period as a Non- Food Trade Manager, I was accountable for the rollout of a new ways of working agenda in the North of England as part of the Change, Process improvement and Issue management initiative.
 Delivered customer service standards within stores through area managers and store teams through effective training and coaching; Set clear expectations in service, standards and operations and offered support through the project lifecycle.
 Implemented best practice and improved ways of working following changes to delivery schedules and reduction of staffing hours in stores.
 Optimised staff schedules, identifying areas for customer service improvements and cost-efficiencies.
 Developed skills and behaviours of in-store colleagues, leading to higher levels of customer service.
 Used Lean tools to problem solve productivity issues and ultimately achieving more, with less.
 Strategic planning and delivery to provide continued support to help store department managers achieve set goals and create success for themselves, their teams, and their stores.
Non-Food Trading Manager
July 2014-March 2015
I was offered the opportunity to cross into ‘Large Format’ stores as a Non- Food Trade Manager in a 90,000 ft2 Extra store.
 Managed a team of 25+ to effectively run the Non-Food department generating weekly sales of £800k+.
 Reduced department stock-loss from 5.4% to 3.1% by collaborating with store security personnel and implementing a daily security checklist and other store-specific security measures.
 Overlooked colleague department changes; Identified colleague strengths and weaknesses and placed them accordingly.
 Worked closely with other stores to alleviate stock issues, offering an outpost for stores struggling to sell-through stock. Offered smaller stores the option to transfer unwanted stock, solving warehouse problems, rates-of-sale, and stockholding and cash flow problems.
 Implemented a culture of accountability that led to a very engaged and high-performing team.

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